HostessWing etiquette

Get the best out of our hostesses in 6 steps

1. Create a good profile

Your profile is your business card.
Your photos tell who you are, they tell about your world and your passions.
Also because you don't like an anonymous profile at HostessWing.

2. The right words

Behave like a gentleman.
Perhaps it goes without saying but it can also make a difference online.
Kindness and education prepare any HostessWing in the best possible way.

3. You're not on Tinder

When you invite a Wing to dinner, a party or a simple aperitif, don't forget that she is working. It is embarrassment to have to talk about it and not treat it as if you were at the market.
This attitude makes even the best-intentioned Wings run away.

4. Time & Image

Each Wing makes available its presence, its image and its time. Nothing else.
We do not doubt your abilities as a seducer, you might as well impress and please as happens in life when two adults date, but never take anything for granted. It will only help you to have the best;)

5. Wait to contact the new ones

If you want to be on the safe side, watch out for the New Wings.
When a new Wing arrives no one knows anything about her until other community users leave their feedback. < br> Also, New Wings are always the most clicked, so their cost is generally higher at this stage.

6. "Shoot in the pile", plan ahead!

Take advice: if you are in a hurry to arrange a meeting, contact more Wings in your area.
Wings are not only professionals and often WING it is not their main activity.
For this reason response times can be extended.
Plan ahead when you want to plan an event.